Zimbabwe Is Always In Crisis Under Mugabe

Hundreds of people marched in Harare demanding African leaders cease talking about peace and democracy and actually do something to force President Mugabe to finally accept the will of the Zimbabwean people. Members of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition were assaulted by police for daring to speak up against the oppressive government which currently rules their nation. Mediator Thabo Mbeki, former president of South Africa, continued insisting things would work out if only both sides agreed to compromise. Exactly what is there to “compromise about” given that Mugabe wields all power. Morgan Tsvangirai has nothing to offer except to demand the will of his people be carried out. The leader of the Movement for Democratic Change wants real power over the police or army which Mugabe refuses to release since he fears his thugs might be arrested for their brutality.

The Southern African Development Community(SADC) must finally accept reality. Mugabe must be forced from power since he will not go voluntarily. Each time they meet with Mugabe he mumbles agreements to share power, but once they depart, his words are never matched with reality.

Zimbabwe as a nation no longer exists. Unless the SADC uses its economic and political power to force Mugabe to take action, millions will starve or flee the country.