“Zimbabwe Is Mine” Shouts President Mugabe

It was merely a matter of time before megalomaniac Robert Mugabe blurted out his true feelings about a nation which has witnessed three million of its inhabitants flee to South Africa in search of jobs, over 1000 die due to cholera and an inflation rate which has reached 212,000,000%. “I will never, never , never surrender. Zimbabwe is mine. I am a Zimbabwean, Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe never for the British. Briatin for the British. He ranted on and on to members of his party, Zanu-PF. “I won’t be intimidated. Evern if i am threatened with beheading. I believe this and nothing will ever move me from it. Zimbabwe belongs to us, not the British.” He insisted his nation which has economically collapsed would never collapse.

The man is irrational and increasing displays signs of serious mental problems. He undoubtedly believes Zimbabwe belongs to him and there is no way he will give his toy or piece of property to anyone, let alone the people of Zimbabwe. The only solution is some sort of military intervention by neighboring African countries. This man is like Hitler–ready to destroy his own people in a mad dash to martyrdom.

  • http://www.idlewordship.com Bobby McGill

    Did you catch what he was wearing when he gave the speech?

    The corruption, the Cholera, the torture aside, much like Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, I just can’t respect a leader who displays such poor taste in clothing. Or one whose spouse joins them in such senseless fashion pursuits.