Zimbabwe Limps Back To Reality–Barely!

On her recent visit to Africa, Secretary of State Clinton, urged African leaders to assume a pro-active role in assisting the people of Zimbabwe to get a return to the semblance of a nation. The basic policy of the African Union is if oppression is being carried out by an African leader it is none of their business, but if Europeans do anything within a country to violate its sovereignty then action must be taken. Under the rule of Senior Thug President Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe has been economically, socially and politically crushed. A power sharing agreement several months ago allowed opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai to assume leadership and under his direction, inflation has been handled and goods once again can be found in stores.

The latest example of his success is the announced return to use of “checks” by banks and individuals. When inflation was over two million percent, banks could not honor checks since their worth changed literally on an hourly basis. Zimbabwe has a long way to go, but under Tsvangirai is it moving ahead. Now, how about the African Union exerting pressure to force Mugabe to cease harassing the opposition and preparing for free elections?