Zimbabwe Loses Chance For Stable Government

The people of Zimbabwe are blessed with a nation containing vast amounts of natural resources and for decades under colonial rule, it was regarded as the bread basket of Africa with among the best school systems and highest standards of living. Rebel leader Robert Mugabe assumed leadership once colonialism ended. Instead of working for a gradual transfer of land to deserving farmers, he wrecked the economy by seizing land of white farmers and giving it to his fellow thugs and thieves. The result was an inflation rate of over two million percent and unemployment that is about 80%. After opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai won a presidential election, Mugabe manipulated the vote to claim victory.

During the past several months a coalition government was created due to the influence of the Southern African Development Community under which Tsvangirai would be prime minister. Tsvangirai has worked steadily to improve the economy, get children and teachers back to school and begin the process of creating jobs. Each step along the way, his followers have been beaten, brutalized, imprisoned and even killed by Mugabe’s police and army. Finally, Tsvangirai gave up when a key figure in his political party was arrested on the spurious charge of terrorism.

Mugabe refuses to adhere to the coalition agreement. It is now up to South Africa and other African leaders to compel his cooperation. That is doubtful. The tragedy of Zimbabwe continues.