Zimbabwe Mediation Talks Proceed In South Africa

President Mugabe sits comfortably in power in Harare in the aftermath of a blood bath conducted by his forces against anyone who dared challenge his right to power. The petty tyrant apparently has decided he must now display the face of openess to the world in order to eliminate the smell of murder and brutality which still lingers in his country. Mediation talks began in Pretoria, South Africa, where members of the brutalized Movement for
Democratic Change confronted their tormentors, the Zanu-PF party of Mugabe. A spokesperson for the MDC said, “we are meeting them(Zanu-PF) face to face. We are not afraid of them.”

The UN Security Council held off on further sanctions against Mugabe that would include an arms embargo and an embargo on Mugabe and his henchmen in crime being able to travel. South African President Mbeki, who has become an object of ridicule due to his shameful support for Mugabe, insists he can still serve as a mediator. However, the MDC wants new mediators in order to obtain a semblance of objectivity in negotiations.