Zimbabwe Opposition Leaders Being Tortured

There are unconfirmed reports that President Mugabe of Zimbabwe is going to ignore all opposition leaders and create his own government regardless of promises made that he would share power. However, there is no doubt, dissident leaders in that unfortunate nation are being abused and tortured in order to allow Mugabe to present “witnesses” who will confirm “colonial powers” are behind the unrest in his nation. Zimbabwean human rights campaigner, Jestine Mukoko, is being poisoned and brutalized while in the notorious Chikurubi prison whee she is being held in solitary confinement. According to her lawyer who is quoted in the Daily Independent as sayingp; “Mukoko is psychologically traumatised, it is not certain that she has told the full story because every time she speaks to a doctor or a lawyer, a state official is present.

She was dragged from her home on December 3 by armed men who claimed to be police officers and since then has been in jail. She is accused of recruiting people to undergo military training for a planned coup in Zimbabwe. As far as this reporter can determine, there are no world wide protests in the streets of cities to protest the horror of Zimbabwe.