Zimbabwe Rivals Seek Mediation

The people of South Africa have been wondering what it would take to persuade their long time leader, Robert Mugabe, to finally agree on the importance of sharing power. Inflation in Zimbabwe hit a 231,000,000 percent the past week and President Mugabe finally agreed there was need to ask former president Mbeki of South Africa to renew his efforts to find some way out of the disaster that is now Zimbabwe. Reports are people are down to one meal a day due to the disastrous economic policies of Mugabe and his fellow thugs who run the nation.

Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa announced, “the three leaders agreed to call in the facilitator to assist in resolving the outsanding issues. An appeal was made to the facilitator for him to travel to Zimbabwe.” The issues are quite clear and easy to resolve. Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) must be given power to restore economic health and this means Mugabe’s thugs will have to surrender some of the property they have stolen.