Zimbabwe, Still In Pain, But Is Mugabe?

Robert Mugabe, who has been president of Zimbabwe for over thirty years is reported to have collapsed and may even be dead. He is 90 years old and supposedly has prostrate cancer, although being ill has not prevented him from brutalizing the people of this once prosperous nation. He inherited a Zimbabwe which, under colonialism and with all the faults of colonialism, had become a prosperous nation. Under the rule of Mugabe, farm production declined. Instead of developing a program which gradually would have shifted land ownership from whites to native blacks, he simply took over white owned farms and gave them to his henchmen and relatives. He lost an election several years ago and proceeded to fix ballots, beat, kill and have women opposition leaders raped. Naturally, the last election was really fixed. He now depends upon diamonds for his wealth and never developed a modern farming system that would have provided jobs and financial security for the people of Zimbabwe.

Baba Jukwa, a Zimbabwe man who claims to be former member of the PF, is author of this report. Mugabe has placed a $3000,000 reward for the identity of this man who reports on government corruption and predicted the death of a political leader who wound up dead in a car accident. According to brave Baba Jukwa, “if it is true that he has died, they are likely to keep his body refrigerated until security chiefs” decide to inform the people of Zimbabwe who is now the head thug.

Oh well, one brutal dictator dies and another takes power. Such is the destiny of the people of Zimbabwe.