Zimbabwe Teeters On Brink Of Disaster!

To all tyrants there comes a moment in which the years of terror and corruption come crashing into the reality that failed policies have created such a disaster that even those charged with maintaining law and order come to realize they are as exposed as those being oppressed. For the second time in a week, dozens of Zimbabwean soldiers clashed with Harare police when they were unable to cash their worthless pay checks at local banks. The nation is suffering from a 221,000,000% inflation rate which has made all money less than the paper on which it is printed. Ordinary soldiers are finally beginning to realize their parents and brothers and sisters are starving and now facing the prospect of death from cholera.

President Mugabe has now angered just about most leaders in Africa who are sick and tired of his refusal to end the current crisis by agreeing to share power. Once he agrees to share power foreign money might begin to enter the country. Close to five million face starvation unless there is immediate aid. Can soldiers and police endure witnessing family and friends die before their very eyes?