Zimbabwe Tragedy Becomes A Human Disaster

President Mugabe has presided over among the worse administrations of government in the world which transformed a nation that was considered to possess a vibrant economy and now is regarded as a basket case of horror. Children in Zimbabwe are eating rats and inedible roots riddled with toxic parasites in order to stave off hunger. The organization, Save The Children, says unless food is sent to Zimbabwe “the rising malnutrition and the rise in diseases are going to mean that children will die and we have to act fast.” The United Nations estimates close to five million people are in need of food due to the collapse of their nation’s economy and poor harvests.

Sarah Jacobs of Save the Children, says the roots being eaten have no nutritional value but also contain a parasite which is toxic. People are eating anything they can find, and that includes children catching rats in their huts which become meals. The situation is so dire that teachers have to scrounge for food and are unable to teach.

In the meantime, President Mugabe’s main concern is which Cabinet positions he can control in order to avoid the opposition of pursuing actions that impair his power. For the mentally sick president of Zimbabwe, the bottom line is always power and the possession of it.