Zimbabwe Tragedy Gets Worse

A delegation from the Southern African Development Community arrived in Haare for talks with Zimbabwe leaders about the importance of holding a democratic election. The Afri an Union has been under pressure from the UN and western nations to take the lead in helping Zimbabwe to have some form of democracy. Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who met with Gordon Tsvangirai, said the political crisis in Zimbabwe was an embarrassment to the entire African continent. “We are going to ask the African Union to be more proactive when dealing with this issue. The fact that elections can be held in an independent country and it takes more than a month for the results to be announced is sad. That is not really how you want to run a democracy. The rest of Africa is silent and that is not good for democracy.”

In the meantime, it appears the Chinese shipment of weapons that South African dockworkers refused to unload may have secretly been unloaded in Angola because the Zimbabwe government claims the weapons have arrived. Beatings and klling of those who supported opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai are still going on.