Zimbabwean Leader Prevented From Leaving Country!

Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change,(MDC) was detained at the Haare airport and prevented from leaving to attend a meeting of the Southern African
Development Community(SADC) where President Mbeki of South Africa was to inform the group of progress being made to resolve issues in Zimbawe. “They have taken our passports,” said Tsvangirai, “this is a reflection of their(MUgabe) insincerity. They want to talk to us, yet they behave like hooligans.” The incident occurred as reports were circulating in Haare that President Mugabe was trying to get around African demands he share power with Tsvangirai by making a separate agreement with a small faction that has broken away from the MDC. Tsvangirai said he would continue talks with Mugabe despite the provocation created by denying him the right to attend an important African meeting.

President Mbeki is under pressure from the SADC which wants results of an agreement. There is widespread concern at failure on the part of Mbeki to be even-handed in dealing with the conflict because many believe he has been protecting President Mugabe. Many believe if Mbeki had been more forceful in denouncing the Mugabe instigated violence in Zimbabwe there might have been greater effort on the part of the Zimbabwean leader to come to the negotiating table in a more concerned manner.