Zimbabweans Head For South Africa To Escape Death

The borders of South Africa are witnessing an influx of thousands of refugees from Zimbabwe as that nation collapses under the rule of a mad man who has lost contact with reality and only knows the rhetoric of past deeds. In the midst of an astronomical inflation rate, cholera spreading and millions facing starvation, the Mugabe family is concerned with taking over still another white farm since their personal wealth and power are the only things of concern. Thousands are seeking asylum and obtaining a place to sleep on the ground and some food to get through the day. Ironically, former South African president, Mbeki could have avoided the current crisis by taking a firm stand in defense of democracy in Zimbabwe, but he allowed his old friendship to stand in the way of the lives of millions.

Challenge Ncube, a Zimbabwe refugee, told reporters: “Mr. Mugabe and his thugs, the youth of Zanu-PF, they just destroy everything, everywhere.” Where are the nations of Africa during this time of turmoil and stress for Africans? Unfortunately, for too many the old rhetoric about western imperialism is more important than the reality of starvation.