Zimbabweans Seek Asylum In US Embassy

The recent meeting of African Union leaders represents one of the greatest betrayals of Africans in history. The timid and frightened leaders of African nations welcomed a thug and murderer to their meeting by the name of President Robert Mugabe even as hundreds of people gathered outside the gates of the US embassy in Harare seeking refuge from thugs and bullies who are assaulting anyone who opposes the dictatorial rule of Mugabe. A woman holding a toddler said in a plaintive voice, “I need to go out of this country, I don’t feel safe.” A man who had done polling work for the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) said he was targeted by thugs of the ruling Zanu-PF because he supported the candidacy of Morgan Tsvangirai. A woman told reporters a month ago the Zanu PF people came to her house, accused the family of backing the MDC and burned down the house.

African Union leaders are now urging Mugabe to discuss with Morgan Tsvangirai some sort of agreement, but Tsvangirai knows at this point Mugabe is negotiating from a position of strength after having driven 200,000 people from their homes and obtained a presidential victory in voting which was assured since he was the only candidate still left standing.

The Security Council will issue resolutions, there will be economic sanctions, and bans on travel but the megalomanic Mugabe will cling to power until he is dead because the welfare of Zimbabweans is the last thing on his sick mind.