Zimbabweans Thumbs Down On Mugabe

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has been visiting Europe in search of money and support for his efforts to restore some sanity to the wrecked nation of Zimbabwe. He is attempting to undo the damage of President Mugabe whose inane policies toward farm seizures and giving his friends and cronies land they lacked the ability to farm has resulted in a collapse of the economy. Before a London audience, Tsvangirai urged, “Zimbabweans must come home” and help him work to restore the economy. However, his plea was rejected by most Zimbabweans in the audience who fear returning to a nation ruled by violence and incompetence. They wanted assurances for their own personal safety, but the prime minister lacks the power to even assure one will not be beaten or imprisoned by the thugs who work for Mugabe.

The Catch 22 is Tsvangirai needs the talents of refugees from his homeland, but, while many would like to return, nothing awaits them than a collapsed economy with a 90% unemployment rate and a police and armed forces which resort to brutality if anyone challenges their authority.