Zimbabwe’s Pain Continues

Among the most tragic aspects of the end of colonialism in Africa has been continued failure on the part of the continent’s leaders to foster needs of people rather than line their pockets with money and utilize power to retain power. In 2008, Morgan Tsvangirai won the election for president of Zimbabwe, if one assumes the individual with most votes is ordinarily the winner. However, Robert Mugabe refused to step down from power and unleashed his thugs and military to harass, beat, rape and kill those who opposed his continuance in office. Mugabe regards himself as the nation’s indispensable leader and any effort to replace him with another simply serves the goals of “British imperialism.” In America, politicians play the “race card,” in Africa they play the “colonialism card.” Justify brutality, murder or incompetence on the ground better an African robbing the nation than “British imperialists.”

Morgan Tsvangirai signed an agreement with Mugabe last year that, technically, called for sharing power. Mugabe has continually violated what he signed and last month unilaterally appointed ten governors even though the agreement requires both parties consulting with one another. Naturally, no African nation will come to the aid of Zimbabweans. After all, to admit there is a crook in Africa simply paves the way for return of COLONIALISM!!