Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe In Tirade

President Mugabe, who will soon celebrate his 84th birthday and has been ruling his nation for a quarter of a century, has difficulty if anyone challenges his authoritarian approach to life. He termed his political opponent, Simba Makoni, a “prostitute” for seeking to restore good relations with Western nations and ensure his nation escapes from the disasterous Mugabe policies which have wrecked the nation’s economy and created an inflation rate than now is at 100,000%. Makoni was the former finance minister in Mugabe’s government, but he was expelled last week for daring to challenge the president. Ibbo Mandaza, an aide to Makoni, dismissed the Mugabe comment by saying: “Are you surprised by that? We are looking forward at the post-election period where we will give him the kind of respect and security that a foounding father of this nations deserves”– retirement from politics!

Mugabe naturally claims the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) is an agent of foreign powers that seek to control Zimbabwe. The most important issue confronting the people of Zimbabwe is whether Mugabe will actually allow a free election. If he again uses brutality and cries of “national security” to thwart the wishes of the people, it can be expected further chaos will ensue in a nation living with chaos.