Zuma In South Africa May Defy Mugabe

Newly elected president Jacob Zuma in South Africa is not like his detested opponent, Thabo Mbeki who refused to take any action against his old friend, Robert Mugabe, and thus helped create the present chaos in Zimbabwe. Zuma is an activist who regards himself as a leader in Africa and will not allow Mugabe to create conditions which have led to three million Zimbabweans fleeing to South Africa as refugees. Zuma recognizes that his nation played a key role in creating the current power-sharing arrangement in Zimbabwe and unless he supports opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, the ensuing chaos of a Mugabe run country would send even millions more headed toward South Africa.

Thabo Mbeki knew the revolutionary leader Robert Mugabe from the old days of conflict and he could never grasp that allowing Zimbabwe to slip into chaos created turmoil for his own nation as millions crossed the border in search of refuge. Hopefully, Jacob Zuma will work with fellow African leaders to ensure there is stable and honest government in Zimbabwe.